Using DNA to predict children's developmental differences

Children's differences in early life development have pervasive, long-term influence on their later life outcomes, such as education, health, and well-being. A major source of children's developmental differences is their family background, which includes the rearing environments that they grow up in and the DNA differences that children inherit from their parents.

Rethinking behavior in the light of evolution

Abstract: In psychology and neuroscience, the human brain is usually described as an information processing system that encodes and manipulates representations of knowledge to produce plans of action. This view leads to a decomposition of brain functions into putative processes such as object recognition, memory, decision-making, action planning, etc., inspiring the search for the neural correlates of these processes. However, neurophysiological data does not support many of the predictions of these classic subdivisions.

Integration of Personal vs. Social Information for Sustainable Decisions on Climate Action

Some of my past and current research looks at "decisions from  experience,” i.e., decisions based on the personally experienced outcomes of past choices, along the lines of reinforcement learning models and how such learning and updating is related to and differs from the way in which people and other intelligent agents use other sources of information, e.g., vicarious feedback (anecdotal/social and/or in the form of statistical distributions of outcomes) or science- or model-based outcome predictions to make “decisions from description.”  What happens when these different sources of foreca

Hearing Ethnicity: classification, stereotypization and processing of socially marked phonetic features in Modern Hebrew

The thesis explores the relationship between social and phonological perception, relying on case studies from Modern Hebrew (MH). The social setting is the ethnically-based dichotomy between "Mizrahi" (Middle Eastern and North-African background) and "Ashkenazi" (European background) Jewish-Israelis.