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de Carvalho, A., Dautriche, I., Lin, I. & Christophe, A. (2017). Phrasal prosody constrains syntactic analysis in toddlers. Cognition, 163, 67-79. doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2017.02.018

PSL Fellow in cognitive science of education


Ecole Normale Supérieure-PSL is opening a short-term position for a Fellow in cognitive science of education for a contract of 3 years, renewable for 1 year, starting September 1, 2024. The Fellow will teach one course (30h of lecture) per semester within the CPPE Bachelor for primary school teaching developed in partnership with the Lycée Henri IV. The Fellow must be able to adapt to a wide audience and teach in both French and English.

Sex differences in human newborns

Despite a number of studies, it remains unclear whether male and female human newborns manifest different visual preferences or perceptual abilities. The goal of this project is to determine with greater confidence whether this is the case or not. In particular, we are interested in finding out whether male and female newborns show different spontaneous preferences for human faces vs. inanimate objects, as suggested by various studies, old and new (e.g., Lewis et al. 1966; Connellan et al. 2000).

Empowering Geographically Diverse Students to Research Language Development

Understanding how children develop language is important for many reasons, including to better diagnose and treat language and communicative disorders. But today's theories are created by researchers based in a handful of countries, and they typically study children growing up in those places: According to a recent study, almost 90% of child participants were from North America and Western Europe, where less than 10% of the world's children are growing up. 

The Brilliance Barrier: Stereotypes about Brilliance Are an Obstacle to Diversity in Science and Beyond

I propose that a field’s diversity is affected by what its members believe is required for success: Fields that value exceptional intellectual talent above all else may inadvertently obstruct the participation of women and (some) minority groups. The environment in these fields may be less welcoming to women and minority groups because of the cultural stereotypes that associate intellectual talent -- brilliance, genius, etc. -- with (white) men.


The Cognitive Science Colloquium series is the most attended event of our department, hosting monthly talks by world-renowned experts in various fields of cognitive science, including neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, philosophy and anthropology.

How family background affects children’s differences in school performance

Children’s differences in school performance have pervasive long-term influence on their education, health, and wellbeing. Children’s differences in school performance are evident from the first day of primary school and are relatively stable throughout the years of compulsory education. The major source of children’s differences in school performance is family background, not schools.