We are generally interested in the way human cognition is shaped by genetic factors, environmental influences (in particular education), and their interactions.

One of our leading approaches is to study developmental disorders insofar as they highlight complex causal chains between genetic factors, neural properties, and cognitive functions that are not apparent in normal development. We study mainly language disorders (dyslexia and specific language impairment), at the cognitive level using psycholinguistic and psychophysical methods, at the neural level using brain imaging, and at the genetic level, in collaboration with molecular genetics labs.

We also study normal cognitive development using epidemiological methods, as well as learning processes and educational achievement.

Team's current news

1/09/2019: Camille WILLIAMS is just starting a PhD in our team; Baptiste MOREAU-PERNET and Cécile DI FOLCO are joining us for an internship. Welcome!

1/10/2019: Mikel LIZARAZU is starting a new job at the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain, and Language. Congratulations!

8/10/2019: Hugo PEYRE obtained his Habilitation to direct research. Congratulations!

22/11/2019: Alice LATIMIER will defend her PhD thesis.