The aim of our team is to unravel some of the cognitive roots of subjectivity. 

We focus on three main aspects, that we approach with the methods of experimental cognitive psychology : Our first line of inquiry is introspection, its scope and limits, as it is the cognitive function that enables us to subjectively know ourselves. We seek to understand what are the mental contents and processes that are introspectively accessible, and, reciprocally, what are the blind spots of introspection. Second, we try to understand the structure of the stream of consciousness in relation to executive functions. How and why does our attention fluctuate ? Can we identify some basic states that our mind explores when it wanders ? These are some of the questions we ask in this area. And finally, by means of experimental hypnosis, we study the mechanisms through which one mind can influence another. Here, we try to establish a link between subjectivity and the social context.